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Marble is a unique natural stone that has been historically associated with the development of the civilized world, as this material has been the staple for use in design and construction in ancient Rome, the Aztecs,and with the major empires in Asia, and in Europe.

The tiles and slabs crafted from marble have been frequently associated with refinement and class, and these tiling materials are best recognised for the rivulets of color that run through their earthy and rich surface.

Marble Tiles Have Varied Colors And Patterns

Generally, marble tiles naturally vary in color, and effectively serve as an added bonus for creating stylish layouts. Genuine marble tiles have a beautiful, unique finish like no other surface, complete with all their whirling patterns and variations in shading.

However, these same unique patterns that make marble truly wonderful may be a tough task for some to properly match from tile to tile. In order to make sure that the tile’s patterns properly match, tiling experts recommend having your contractor lay out the tiles over the entire surface before installing, in order for you to initially view the prospective outcomes. Your tiles should also originate from the same batch it was sourced from.

How Experts Recommend Using These Tile Variants

According to tiling professionals, these types of tiles, just like most stone tiles, generally have higher and more thorough maintenance regimens. These materials need to be properly sealed and cleaned in a regular fashion, and you should only use a mild, or manufacturer-approved detergent or product

Also, ensure that you never set your drink, especially some acidic juice, down on a marble surface, as it will leave a ring, and quickly wipe off any spills that can stain or etch the tile’s porous surface. Tiling experts also recommend that you hire an expert installer when laying-out these materials, since these tiles generally cost from around $5 to $15 per square foot.

Special Cleaning Methods For This Tile

When these types of tile variant become dull, they can be restored to their earlier shine and gloss by utilizing a commercial marble cleaner and polish. Most companies these days manufacture and sell polish-cleaners, that are often utilized on softer imported marbles, which are also considered safe for use in harder U.S. marble variants. Putty powder or tin oxide can also be utilized in polishing either dulled or etched surfaces, by rubbing on them with a damp cloth, or preferably using an electric polisher for buffing.

According to interior design consultants, marble is to the home as diamond jewelry is to women. These natural stone materials are considered to be timeless, classic and luxurious materials. Apart from its innate beauty, some even argue that this natural stone stands out from the rest, and is truly perfect for application in homes.

Some individuals sometimes often confuse marble for granite, however the two rocks are very different. Experts say that you can easily notice the difference between marble and granite, as marble will have streaks of color running through it, which is referred to as veining, while granite has flecks of color and has no veins. – Marble Tile Floor

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