Construction Equipment Rental Directory Lake st. louis

Hammer the Hammer is the nation’s leading directory to find construction rental suppliers near you. Our clients are local suppliers that rent a wide range of equipment coast to coast. From heavy duty construction equipment and tools to small machines for residential jobs, our clients meet the needs of every construction job. Rent machines ranging from bobcat backhoes, bulldozers, forklifts, excavators, and many more.

Why should you rent heavy construction equipment from companies near you?

Some of the many benefits of renting construction equipment.

1. Avoid initial purchase cost.

2. Less maintenance and repair costs. Many rental agreements make provisions for maintenance, repairs, and spare parts.

3. Shielding from market fluctuation. The market rises and falls. Don’t get stuck with the bill of a heavy piece of machinery the next time the market pulls back.

4. No depreciation costs. Let our suppliers worry about the depreciation of the heavy machinery.

5. Project-specific rentals. Feel confident accepting jobs you aren’t currently equipped to handle by using our machines for one-time, job-specific tasks.

6. Solve equipment storage issues. Stop paying for your equipment when you are no longer using it.

7. Transportation logistics. Renting saves you from having to transport machinery from project site to project site, costing you time and money.

8. Cut opportunity costs. By renting instead of buying you free up your capital and keep more money in your projects.

9. Make direct tax deductions.Rental costs are generally immediately deductible business expenses.

10. Get up-to-date technology. Due to the competitive nature of the rental market. As a result, our suppliers provide recent generation machines that comply with emissions standards.

Is your construction business picking up? Finding yourself needing heavy construction equipment on a consistent basis? Sometimes it makes more sense to buy instead of rent. If you see a piece of equipment you would like to purchase ask our suppliers about possible rent-to-own agreements.